Minneota Dollars for Scholars

Scholarship Awards Policy

1. The scholarship program for Minneota Dollars for Scholars will open and close on dates set by the Awards Committee and announced to the Senior Class each spring. Students will complete the Student Profile in ChapterNet accessible via our web site (minneota.dollarsforscholars.org).

2. All award selections are based exclusively on the merit of the application.

3. The awards will be open to any graduate of Minneota High School, regardless of the type of postsecondary education program they will attend so long as the school is accredited.

4. The Awards Selection Committee will score all applications as directed by the Awards Selection Committee Chair, using the point system set up by the committee. All awards will be determined on a nonâ€discriminatory basis.

5. All gifts to Minneota Dollars for Scholars of $200 or more may become a named scholarship. The award will carry the name of the donor or of the individual/organization designated by the donor, unless the donor specifies it as an anonymous donation (i.e. the Jane Smith Scholarship, the Lions Club Scholarship, etc.). Gifts may result in annual or oneâ€time awards as determined by a written agreement with the donor.

6. Sponsors will have the opportunity to present their award if they so choose. Arrangements will be made by the Awards Selection Committee Chair. If they choose not to present their award, sponsors will be notified of the name of their award recipient.

7. Minneota Dollars for Scholars' minimum award will be $100. If a specific donor or endowed fund is able to provide more scholarship dollars, multiple recipients and/or renewable awards will be discussed as an option with the donor. The chapter will remain open to larger size awards upon request of the donor.

8. Awards will be presented to recipients at the Awards Night program in the spring. Students will receive a check made to their institution of choice upon completion of the Scholarship Acknowledgement Form (SAF). SAF must be completed via ChapterNet by One Year from the date it is received (ie: one year from the date of the awards program). A recipient award letter indicating who to thank will be provided to each award recipient along with their award certificate. Award recipients shall write a thank you note to the donor by June 15th.

9. Award deferral process: Any student postponing postsecondary attendance due to personal circumstances or military service must submit a letter by August 15th of the year of their graduation, to the board explaining their personal circumstance. The board will then meet to determine if a deferment will be allowed or not. Deferments will be limited to four years.

10. This Scholarship Awards Policy will be reviewed annually by the board prior to the start of Minneota Dollars for Scholars scholarship cycle. The Board of Directors shall notify Scholarship America within ten (10) days of any approved changes. All changes/updates to the document, along with the vote of the Board of Directors, will be documented in the Minneota Dollars for Scholars' meeting minutes.